Markin’ Out Episode #384

Brandon abandoned the show leaving Chris and Dave to fend for themselves. #BTTGST2K18

Markin’ Out Episode #138



We discuss Dave and Brandon’s Excellent PWS Adventure, and the week that was in WWE.

Markin’ Out Episode #137



Someone has done it already.. but seriously, We talk about WWE Night of Champions, Raw and touch on Impact, PWS and CZW

Markin’ Out Episode #136



This week, we discuss all things indy, TNA, ROH and of course WWE. We also throw down our predictions for Night of Champions.

Markin’ Out Episode #135



How can we write a description to this week’s pocast with a meme like this.

Markin’ Out Episode #133



Full Recap of WWE SummerSlam, Dave rants on the PWI Top 500, and Brandon rants on Justin Bieber fans

Markin’ Out Episode #132



Full WWE SummerSlam predictions, a lot of indy wrestling talk and TNA…

Markin’ Out Episode #130



A lot of WWE talk, a lot of independent wrestling talk and then there is TNA…or TNMMA.

Markin’ Out Episode #129



#AskDixie…enough said!

Markin’ Out Episode #128



We discuss the results to WWE Money in the Bank, Brandon’s experience at Monday Night Raw, discuss A LOT of fan comments and talk about Destination MEM/A&8…I mean X