Markin’ Out Episode #595

The Forbidden Door is still slightly open and quite unexpected in some places. We also give Money in the Bank predictions.

Markin’ Out Episode #594

Perhaps Forbidden Door was doomed from the start. Impact Wrestling is hands down the only Forbidden Door and WWE joined in on some Forbidden fun.

Markin’ Out Episode #593

We still have no clue what All-Atlantic means, but there are new Tag Team Champions. In WWE, they somehow ended Raw with the most puzzling of segments.

Markin’ Out Episode #592

This was a really crazy week. Cody Rhodes wrestles with a torn pec. CM Punk hurts his foot and AEW will crown an interim Champion.

Markin’ Out Episode #591

MJF causes a lot of controversy leading into Double or Nothing and following Dynamite. In Your House is here. Hell in a Cell is here.

Markin’ Out Episode #590

Double or Nothing is all set for Vegas. Hell in a Cell continues to shape up. In Your House might seem a bit rushed.

Markin’ Out Episode #589

We got to experience some good old fashion independent wrestling this week thanks to Create A Pro Wrestling and FWF Live 3.

Markin’ Out Episode #588

We enter the Multiverse of Madness on Monday Night. The Owen Hart Foundation Tournament starts. NXT and NXT UK put on two really good main event matches.

Markin’ Out Episode #587

Bullet Club is fine. Everywhere. WWE WrestleMania Backlash is all set for Sunday. The Owen Hart Foundation Tournament starts next week.

Markin’ Out Episode #586

We had a hot potato Championship, a few name changes, an anniversary, oh my. Plus we had some fun outside of pro wrestling.