Markin’ Out Episode #437

Cesaro has such raw strength, power and ability. Follow the leader and join us!

Markin’ Out Episode #436

Come join our Firefly MarkHouse.

Markin’ Out Episode #435

Why isn’t The Man booked for WWE Super ShowDown?

Markin’ Out Episode #434

The Brock Party could be the BIGGEST party of the summer. When will he cash in, who knows? Plus AEW is heating up!!

Markin’ Out Episode #433

Somehow, Brock Lesnar is holding the Money in the Bank contract. There’s a 24/7 Championship. AEW is rolling the dice this weekend.

Markin’ Out Episode #432

Brandon’s not here…BUT THAT’S NOT STOPPING US FROM BRINGING YOU THE BEST DARN PODCAST! Anthony Copozzi of Thracian joins us this week to discuss this Sunday’s Money In The Bank PPV.

Markin’ Out Episode #431

So…There’s a Wild Card Rule now and Superstars will be far from home on both brands.

Markin’ Out Episode #430

We’re still feeling the effects of the Superstar Shakeup. Does it make sense? Are Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins part of WWE’s Phase 4?

Markin’ Out Episode #429

We’re really glad that you’re our friend and this is a friendship that’ll never ever end.

Markin’ Out Episode #428

The only Online Listening Experience in the world talks about the Viking Experience as well as the rest of the Superstar Shakeup & more!