Markin’ Out Episode #363

Drew Gulak completely hijacked the Zo Train and a lot of people couldn’t even see because WWE Network was down.

Markin’ Out Episode #362

Braun Strowman might be the Batman this world has been looking for.

Markin’ Out Episode #361

A blizzard hit. They called it a bomb cyclone. We called it annoying. It didn’t even come with a free trip to¬†Arendelle. But it is a new year, so we push through the snow.

Markin’ Out Episode #360

In 2017, we came full circle…well almost. 4 Champions walked into 2017 with a title and will walk into 2018 with one as well.

Markin’ Out Episode #257

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Just weeks away from the Royal Rumble and it’s a new year, yes it is!

Markin’ Out Episode #256

It’ll be 2016 by the likely time you listen to this. Sheamus main eventing is sooooo 2015.

Markin’ Out Episode #204

MarkinOut204Kicking 2015 off with the debut of The Ascension, as we realize 2014 wasn’t actually too bad. Hope you all had a Happy New Year.

Markin’ Out Episode #203

MarkinOut203In the last episode of Markin’ Out, we cover WWE, NYWC, CZW, NJPW and everything else!…of 2014, last episode of 2014.